The complete keyboard mapping for Leopard's

I’m a heavy keyboard user, so being able to navigate quickly through the command line is mandatory.
Leopard’s lacks the most useful keyboard bindings, like word boundaries moves, word deletion, even the Home and End keys don’t move your cursor to the beginning and end of the command line.
So, after experimenting for a while, I found the optimum keyboard mapping for my MacBook Pro. To see how it feels, open your Then go to Preferences->Keyboard. Now just add the following maps. Note that the preference dialog will replace any existent key map.

KeyActionKey StrokeResult
control cursor left33bEsc+bMove one word backwards
control cursor right33fEsc+fMove one word forward
control forward delete27Ctrl+wDelete word
end05Ctrl+eMove to the end of the line
home01Ctrl+aMove to the beginning of the line
option cursor left33bEsc+bMove one word backwards
option cursor right33fEsc+fMove one word forwards
page downscroll to next page in buffer
page upscroll to previous page in buffer


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