Patch for Redmine to persist form state when adding multiple issues


When creating a new issue in Redmine, one remarkable feature is the possibility to save and continue.

This simplifies the process of adding multiple issues from:

  1. click on new issue;
  2. describe and save it;
  3. get redirected to the saved issue details;
  4. click on “new issue”.

To just:

  1. click on “new issue”;
  2. describe, save and continue.

This is very useful! And could be better if Redmine didn’t reset the entire form, making the user set every issue attribute again.

To solve this problem, I made this little patch that enables a new issue to inspire itself on another issue.

It was done by adding the method inspire_on to the issue model plus adding 2 lines to it’s controller. This probably isn’t the best way to do it, since Redmine supports plugins. But it’s my first Ruby on Rails code, so that’s fine.

I’ve tested the patch against the stable releases 0.8.1 and 0.8.2, and the result is really worthy. Enjoy!

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