Be aware of the Embrace the Change Myth

The ability of “embrace the changes” is one of THE key values on selling Agile.
While talking about the agile values. It’s common to see manager’s eyes glowing when you reach the concept of Embracing the Changes. Unfortunately it’s also common that they end up with the wrong idea of how to put it into actions.
I heard of stories where managers misunderstood the concept, and pressured by external forces, used it as a mantra to turn developers into firefighters. They needed to “embrace the change” and fight more than one firestorm at the same time, having their work interrupted by the manager whenever flames gained height.
He was doomed from the beginning! What about really stop the fire? What about not setting the fire in the first place? The result could not be different. His got everything burned out saying “Agile doesn’t work! It made my team unproductive”.
If you are a manager, don’t fool yourself! You can’t be agile buying a box. The traditional culture and miss-behavior affects you as well as your team. Revalue your truths and establish a better way of making things happen. Enjoy the ride with them.


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