Pragmatic Virtualenvwrapper with a subshell sandbox

Virtualenvwrapper makes working with Virtualenv a real pleasure. But for me it wasn’t enough, just because I’m that lazy.

My idea was to type one command and get right into the repository directory. I’d like it to happen within a subshell so I would not need to deactivate the virtual environment. All I would need to do is press CTRL+D to exit the subshell and close my sandbox. Continue Reading…

Bibliography gives you credibility

After I released my post “Google Wave is not about text, it’s about data”, my friend Rafael Lima twitted praising it (in portuguese): Gosto de post que clico em vários links para ler mais como este”. Which means “I like posts with lots of links to read more about, like this”.

It’s very important to have the habit of spend some time finding the right links to reference in a blog post. Links are extremely powerful! It can turn a post into a knowledge hub.

Adding much relevant links as possible to your posts, not only add value to your text but gives credibility to it. It works just like bibliography in books.

Using git-daemon to share your git repository

If you ask google how to share a git repository, you will end up with lots of recipes to setup gitweb or apache to get it done.

However, if you only use git on your side quests, it looks like too much work to share a simple directory. 😉

So, here Git-daemon comes to action. Git-daemon is git’s built in repository server. Continue Reading…