Google Wave is not about text, it’s about data infrastructure

Google unveiled a new service called Google Wave, a new live communication and collaboration platform. This new wave got some attention and lot’s of rumors started with speculations and predictions about how it would impact e-mail, instant messaging, and even Twitter.

Those articles were somehow superficial and focused too much on people “immediate” (as in chat) communication and collaboration. Like instant messaging wasn’t real time enough so Google came up with an upgrade with it’s new web application.

IMHO that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It’s not simply an improved way of communication. Putting directly: Google Wave is not about text it’s about data!

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OS X Automation with Applescript to generate Word for Mac documents from templates

Autoword Project is an OS X automation based on Applescript Application to DRY the process of filling up Microsoft Word 2008 for Mac template documents.

As part of a selling processes, a friend had to fill up three documents with his client’s information: a letter, a label, and a warranty card. Doing this manually was extremely error prone and annoying.

So what if he could type his customer’s data once and get all the three documents ready to print? That’s what the Autoword Project do! Continue Reading…

Patch for Redmine to persist form state when adding multiple issues

When creating a new issue in Redmine, one remarkable feature is the possibility to save and continue.

This simplifies the process of adding multiple issues from:

  1. click on new issue;
  2. describe and save it;
  3. get redirected to the saved issue details;
  4. click on “new issue”.

To just:

  1. click on “new issue”;
  2. describe, save and continue.

This is very useful! And could be better if Redmine didn’t reset the entire form, making the user set every issue attribute again. Continue Reading…

Speed up pyTenjin template creation with Tenjin Server

Last week I spent some time searching through many python based template engines, so I could choose one that fits the needs of our new project here at Myfreecomm.

I found lots of really good options, but pyTenjin just jumped to my attention. It keeps things simple and fast, resulting on a single file library with a tool script to help template development. It works by generating python code from the templates. Continue Reading…

Using git-daemon to share your git repository

If you ask google how to share a git repository, you will end up with lots of recipes to setup gitweb or apache to get it done.

However, if you only use git on your side quests, it looks like too much work to share a simple directory. 😉

So, here Git-daemon comes to action. Git-daemon is git’s built in repository server. Continue Reading…

The complete keyboard mapping for Leopard’s

I’m a heavy keyboard user, so being able to navigate quickly through the command line is mandatory.

Leopard’s lacks the most useful keyboard bindings, like word boundaries moves, word deletion, even the Home and End keys don’t move your cursor to the beginning and end of the command line.

So, after experimenting for a while, I found the optimum keyboard mapping for my MacBook Pro. Continue Reading…